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SHARE’s Community Message Regarding New Title IX Regulations

Dear Campus Community,

We hope this message finds you healthy and safe during these unprecedented, and frankly, highly distressing times.

For many, dealing with the covid-19 pandemic has been very taxing, both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, despite that, those of us who are highly invested in preventing interpersonal violence and related harms in our community are now bracing ourselves for the implementation of the new Office of Civil Rights’ (OCR) Title IX regulations on August 14, 2020.  

Those of you who have who have been closely following the development of these regulations for the last year and a half, likely found OCR’s 2,033 page document released on May 6 to be overwhelming. It certainly feels that way to us.  (More information can be found here.)

We know you care deeply about the University doing its very best to meet the needs of survivors and our campus community more broadly, and we are fully aligned with that goal. Please know that SHARE will be working closely with campus decision-makers to ensure student needs are centered in the policy-making process in support of a campus culture grounded in respect, inclusion, and accountability.

If you have concerns you’d like to convey to SHARE about the new Title IX regulations, please feel free to reach out via Or, if you would like SHARE to convey your comments to the campus decision-makers on your behalf and maintain your anonymity, you may enter your comments in this Google form.

Please remember to take care of yourselves, whether or not you choose to review the regulations in their entirety or rely on other news sources to gain understanding. Also know that if you choose to distance yourself from the conversation, for self-care or other purposes, that is a valid choice, too.

Regardless of how you choose to engage in the conversation related to the newly released Title IX regulations, there are resources on campus who can support you.

-          For SHARE telehealth services or consultation, please email or call 609-258-3310

-          For CPS telehealth services, please call 609-258-3141

-          For the Office of Religious Life religious and spiritual support services, please go to

We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you in the days to come.

With best regards,

Jackie, Avina, Jean, & Heather

Start Date: 
Wednesday, 27 May 2020 (All day)

Princeton University

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