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SHARE's Message of Solidarity

The SHARE community is heartbroken and furious over the recent killing of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Nina Pop, Tony McDade, and all the Black lives who have been horribly harmed by systems and people who benefit from white supremacy, the many intersections of racism, sexism, additional forms of oppression, police brutality, and much more. The Black Lives Matter movement and protests occurring right now are not just speaking out in opposition to the killings of a few or several people; the activism is in response to this country’s long history of systemic racism and anti-Blackness — a history that Princeton shares.

Black people, with a host of varying intersecting identities, are disproportionately affected by many forms of historical and present-day systemic violence.[1] This shapes how we must act in our roles as SHARE Peers and staff, such as recognizing the lived realities of identity-based oppressions; being reflexive about our own identities and privileges; challenging all systems of violence; and always remaining conscious and informed on how race plays a key role in the issues SHARE addresses, including domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, stalking and sexual harassment.   

The SHARE Peers and staff stand and act in solidarity with the country’s Black communities. We wholly support the Black Lives Matter movement, and we strive to do better in our roles as Peers and staff to make our campus a safer, more informed, and just environment. We commit to thinking more critically on the intersectionality of how race impacts experiences of interpersonal violence, and we will continue to have these uncomfortable conversations with friends, family, classmates, colleagues and each other.

SHARE Peers and staff are still available resources for anyone who might be struggling right now. You can reach the SHARE staff at, SHARE Peers at, and can find a list of active Peers, resources and more information at We are here for you, along with The Office of Diversity and Inclusion inclusive of Carl A. Fields, The Women*s Center, and the LGBT Center.


If you would like to take a more active role in supporting Black communities, check out these organizations:


            Or, you can check out this list of petitions and crowdfundings:



In solidarity,

Your SHARE Peers and staff

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Friday, 5 June 2020 (All day)

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