Campus Policies and Procedures

Being knowledgeable about campus policies and procedures is crucial to making informed decisions. The policies listed here outline the behavioral expectations for the Princeton University community and guide the campus response to interpersonal violence. The procedures, often embedded within policies, describe the steps taken by Princeton University in response to allegations of interpersonal violence. Please note, the SHARE office does not oversee policies related to discrimination or harassment, as our efforts are prevention and support-based.  Because we are very familiar with campus and state processes, we can support students as they navigate them by providing clarification, seeking out nuanced information while protecting confidentiality, and assisting with weighing the options based on individual needs and preferences. Additionally, for those  who are interested in reviewing policies and legislation directly, we provide a variety of related external links for your convenience below: 

·       Sexual Misconduct/Title IX website for information on policies, resources, and reporting options