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You can disclose as much or as little as you choose. Speaking with a SHARE advocate is confidential.

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Your safety comes first and foremost. It can be difficult to make decisions that match your needs after experiencing physical or emotional harm. The following tips provide a general framework for safety. Please contact SHARE to develop a personalized safety plan.

Physically:  Create distance from the person attempting to harm you or who has harmed you.  Stay clear of rooms or places where weapons may be accessible (kitchen, garage, lab) to minimize the chance of being injured.  Go to a public, secure, or “secret” location as soon as possible.  Consider going to a library, dining hall, friend’s room, professional resources (like the LGBT Center, Carl A. Fields Center, and Women*s Center), and/or confidential resources.

Emotionally:  Tell the person to stop, or choose not to respond to hurtful or alarming communication that is made verbally or through electronic means. Consider documenting (rather than deleting) the communication in a secure electronic file or location (such as an external hardrive). Give yourself a break from thinking about it, knowing the evidence will be available when you are ready to seek help.

Medically:  Medical care is most effective when administered promptly. If you are injured or worry you have been exposed to health risks (such as sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy), consider seeking medical attention from an on-campus or community provider as soon as possible.  

Contact SHARE

ANNOUNCEMENT: SHARE consultations are available by phone or telehealth session.

SHARE is easily reachable at any time. You can call or email the SHARE office to schedule an appointment or access any of the services SHARE provides. You can disclose as little or as much as you choose. Speaking with a SHARE advocate is confidential. 

A SHARE Peer (non-confidential resource) can get you connected to the office. Find out who they are


609-258-3310 (Monday - Friday 8:45 am – 4:45 pm)
609-258-3141 (After Hours: 4:46 pm – 8:44 am, call the UHS infirmary to have the on call SHARE advocate contacted)
609-258-3333 (Outside of the Academic Year: Department of Public Safety (non-confidential resource), 24/7, 365) 

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SHARE offices are located in McCosh Health Center on the Garden Level room G14.


SHARE office at
SHARE Director, Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse at
SHARE Associate Director, Avina I. Ross, PhD at

SHARE Clinician, Carrie Genovese at

SHARE Administrative Coordinator, Heather Mayer at
SHARE Community Integrity Program Consultant, Jackson "Tay" Bosley at
SHARE Peers at

Click here for the SHARE staff bios. 

Get Informed

Did you know that SHARE sits at the hub of an interconnected web of resources that exist both on-campus and in the surrounding area? Explore the services available to you to address issues of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking by:

    • Selecting any of the departments or organizations below to learn more
    • Viewing our interactive Prezi - best if viewed in full screen mode (we recommend reviewing the Legend first to familiarize yourself)
    • Print our comprehensive Options Flowchart (PDF)

Please note: Confidential resources are indicated by an * throughout this website. The amount of control a person has in choosing the options they wish to pursue may vary greatly depending on whether they use a confidential or non-confidential resource. Please review the full definition for more information.


Bubble chart that shows available SHARE resources. Described under heading SHARE Resources Infographic.

SHARE Resources Infographic

Infographic that shows relationship between SHARE and on-campus and outside resources. SHARE is at the center. Branching off from SHARE are Princeton resources that include the following list:

  • Directors of Student Life
  • Director of Graduate Studies/Academic Affairs
  • Director of Studies/Residential College Dean
  • SHARE Peers
  • Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Title IX Coordinator
  • Office of Religious Life Chaplains (confidential resource)
  • University Health Services (confidential resource)
    • Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) (confidential resource)
    • Infirmary (confidential resource)
    • Sexual Health and Wellness (confidential resource)

Also branching off from the central SHARE graphic are outside resources that include:

  • Mercer County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)
  • Capitol Health Hopewell
  • Penn Medicine Princeton Health
  • Womanspace (confidential resource)
  • Municipal Police

Princeton University

G14 McCosh Health Center
Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08544