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Mercer County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Evidence collection and preventative medicine

Forensic evidence can be collected by a Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) at a local hospital within 5 days of an assault. A SHARE and/or Womanspace advocate can accompany you. There is no cost for the forensic examination and no bill should be generated. Evidence can only be analyzed if you decide to file a police report to pursue criminal charges against the offender within 5 years of the assault. If you are considering evidence collection, please avoid bathing or showering, using douche, eating, drinking, smoking, urinating, brushing your teeth, gargling, or anything else that could destroy or wash away evidence.  After the completion of the examination, medications that can prevent sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy may be administered at no cost, when needed.

Can be activated by contacting:

  • Womanspace:  609-394-9000
  • Princeton Police:  609-921-2100 (calls will likely result in police involvement)
  • Department of Public Safety:  609-258-1000 (calls will likely result in police involvement)

Or going to an emergency room:


This resource is NOT confidential, meaning it is required by law to report these incidents/violations and take legal, disciplinary or other action accordingly. See full definition

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