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Looking for tips on how to stop violence before it starts?  Want to expand your tools to have a safer and healthier college experience?  Whether it’s for your team,  student organization,  or you and six friends,  you can request a workshop from SHARE. 

The following workshops are presented by request for the campus community.  Want to request a workshop for your residential college,  student organization,  team,  or eating club?  Fill out the program request form (under Respect Matters) on the UMatter website.  (If you want to request SCORRE,  please see the SCORRE program description for program request directions.) 


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Led by SHARE Peers, StandUp challenges individuals to consider their roles as bystanders and increase their motivation towards intervention.


Led by SHARE Peers, this 90-minute, film-based workshop illuminates the warning signs of an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship.

SCORRE (Strength in Coaching on Relationships, Respect and Equality) is a program that engages coaches and student-athlete leaders in the mentorship of the varsity athlete community.

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