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You can disclose as much or as little as you choose. Speaking with a SHARE advocate is confidential.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: SHARE consultations are available by phone or telehealth session.

SHARE is easily reachable at any time. You can call or email the SHARE office to schedule an appointment or access any of the services SHARE provides. You can disclose as little or as much as you choose. Speaking with a SHARE advocate is confidential. 

A SHARE Peer (non-confidential resource) can get you connected to the office. Find out who they are


609-258-3310 (Monday - Friday 8:45 am – 4:45 pm)
609-258-3141 (After Hours: 4:46 pm – 8:44 am, call the UHS infirmary to have the on call SHARE advocate contacted)
609-258-3333 (Outside of the Academic Year: Department of Public Safety (non-confidential resource), 24/7, 365) 

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SHARE offices are located in McCosh Health Center on the Garden Level room G14.


SHARE office at
SHARE Director, Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse at
SHARE Associate Director, Avina I. Ross, PhD at

SHARE Clinician, Carrie Genovese at

SHARE Administrative Coordinator, Heather Mayer at
SHARE Community Integrity Program Consultant, Jackson "Tay" Bosley at
SHARE Peers at

Click here for the SHARE staff bios. 

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G14 McCosh Health Center
Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08544