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Clinical Services

SHARE offers a wide range of trauma-informed services, which may be short-term or longer-term depending upon the needs of each student client who chooses to access SHARE.

Some of the services SHARE offers are:

Crisis Intervention: When immediate assistance is required, a trained, confidential advocate is available to speak with the student client to provide support and information about the various options available. 

Clinically-Informed Advocacy: SHARE can advocate on behalf of a student who chooses to pursue complex services (campus disciplinary process, law enforcement response, medical services), by initiating conversations, posing challenging questions, and asserting the student client's concerns to the powers that be. SHARE can also advocate for systematic change by seeking to modify policies or procedures so they more effectively meet the student's needs, or the needs of other students who are similarly situated. 

Case Management: SHARE can help assess the needs of the student client, ensure access to critical resources (housing, transportation, finances), and facilitate connections to desired services both on- and off-campus. SHARE also works in collaboration with Princeton University and community-based resources to provide accommodations that promote safety and re-establish the well-being of survivors.

Short-Term Counseling: SHARE offers short-term psychotherapy services with a licensed mental health professional. These confidential sessions help student clients develop skills that can aid them in coping with interpersonal violence issues and support their healing process.

Accompaniment: If desired, a SHARE advocate can support the student client in accessing their desired resources by accompanying the student to meetings or appointments, both on- and off-campus. 

Relationship Consultation: SHARE provides short-term, confidential, and customized services for individuals who believe that they might have had unhealthy relationship role models, and who are concerned that they are bringing unhealthy dynamics into their own relationships. These services empower students to assess their relationships with a focus on emotional and psychological health, growth, and safety.

Community Integrity Program: The Community Integrity Program is a time-limited, individualized psychoeducational curriculum administered by a clinical psychologist. It serves to assist individuals in exploring harmful attitudes and behaviors, with an aim to empower individuals to actively contribute to a healthier and safer campus community. 

Referrals: SHARE can provide referrals to treatment providers on-campus or in the community when the needs of the student client are beyond the purview of the SHARE office (i.e. long-term therapy, shelter).

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