Community Integrity Program

The Community Integrity Program (CIP) uses an individualized approach to tailor the intervention process to meet the needs of the client. It broadly uses the STARRSA (Science-based Treatment Accountability and Risk Reduction for Sexual Assault) framework developed by a federally-funded grant from the Department of Justice's Sexual Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Trafficking Office. It was designed to address the nature of the problematic behavior by targeting attitudes and behaviors that contribute to sexual harm. CIP also evaluates the effectiveness of its interventions, as to continue improving service delivery, to most efficiently meet student needs.  CIP is not an opt-in or voluntary program; instead it is designed as a mandatory intervention for those who receive sanctioning or signed an alternative resolution agreement through the university’s Office of Gender Equity and Title IX.

For questions about Princeton’s CIP, contact, Louis Castle, CIP Program Consultant or Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse, SHARE Director.