SCORRE Program

Strength in Coaching on Relationships, Respect, and Equality

SCORRE (Strength in Coaching on Relationships, Respect and Equality) is a program that engages coaches and student-athlete leaders in the mentorship of the varsity athlete community.  The program engages the established bond between coaches and athletes to foster interactive dialogue and develop skills that promote healthy interpersonal relationships, bystander intervention, and a campus culture of respect and inclusion. Coaches and student-athlete leaders are trained as facilitators, who then host critical conversations with their teams to build or enhance healthy relationship skills.

SCORRE consists of 5 training modules focused on the following topics:

  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Communicating Respect
  • Agency, Power, and Privilege 
  • Understanding Consent
  • Empowered Intervention 

After completing the 5 training modules, “booster conversations” will be hosted each subsequent semester.