UMatter/Respect Matters

UMatter ( is an evidenced-informed, collaborative initiative that links prevention efforts across three health and safety issues with common guiding principles of prosocial and action-oriented behavior, bystander intervention, and healthy choices:

  • Respect Matters addresses interpersonal harms and violence (led by SHARE)
  • Limits Matter addresses high risk drinking (led by HPPS)
  • Connecting Matters addresses mental health distress (led CPS) 

UMatter is highly collaborative, involving staff representatives facilitated by Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS), Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), and SHARE. This team works closely with paid student engagement specialists to develop and promote healthy communications content and programming.

For SHARE purposes, Respect Matters content provides violence prevention education and strategies through the website ( as well as our training and programs.  The undergraduate first year program, The Way You Move play, for example, is a UMatter/Respect Matters program facilitated by SHARE, in partnership with Intime Theatre. Our website content features information on many topics, including but not limited to, online dating tips and signs of an unhealthy relationship. To learn more about the UMatter’s skill-based content or to request a training, Respect Matters team, content or another UMatter area, or to request a training, please visit the UMatter website.  And be sure to follow UMatter on social media!